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Sage 50 Peachtree Advanced courses

Sage 50 Peachtree
Certified Advanced courses and Training Centre

Certified Advanced courses

Import & Excport from Excel or other accounting software into Sage Peachtree
※ Payroll solution and Time sheet advanced course
※ Financial design advanced course
※ Form design course including invoicing, PO, receipts and sales order

There will be one-month support after the training course, please call (852)-2393 3819 for detail,


All our training are conducted by "Certified" Sage 50 Master Consultant, we do not allow a NOT qualified staff to teach our treasure clients
we do not appoint a NOT qualified educational unit to teach the Sage 50 Peachtree





Advanced Course
Sage 50 Peachtree Fixed Asset
Sage 50 Peachtree Payroll solutions
Sage 50 Peachtree Financial report design
Wednesday & Friday
Sage 50 Peachtree Crsytal report
Sage 50 Peachtree import/export with Excel




Basic Package training course
Sage 50 Peachtree Pro Accounting Software
Monday & Wednesday
3 hrs
Sage 50 Peachtree Premium Accounting Software
Tuesday & Thursday
3 hrs
Sage 50 Peachtree Quantum
3 hrs

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Peachtree Master Consultant

Sage Premier Advisor